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Our Hosts


Mark is the founder of Compleat Quiz. He's lived in London since Uni days but still finds time to follow Sunderland AFC and Durham CCC.

Host Venue: Craft Beer Co. Limehouse Favourite Topic: Sport


Ben is an actor and presenter from Greater London. He loves all things pop culture and is dedicated to making sure you have a good time!

Host Venue: Colonel Fawcett, BrewDog Soho Favourite Topic: Music


Kate plays the French horn, and is also an amateur karaoke jockey!

Host Venue: Sir Colin Campbell, BrewDog Shoreditch Favourite Topic: Music


Avan is an undergraduate student at the LSE who's been quizzing in one way or another since he was 12, and loves all things Star Wars.

Host Venue: BrewDog Seven Dials, Dickens Inn Favourite Topic: History


Pubs can host our quizzes themselves!

Host Venue: The Mall Tavern, BrewDog Bournemouth Favourite Topic:


Samy is a newly graduated maths student from Queen Mary University of London. He’s a huge sci-fi fan, whether it be books, film or TV. He loves watching game shows when he’s bored of the robots taking over!

Host Venue: BrewDog Ealing, The Horatia, The Duchess Favourite Topic: Science


Jim is an actor who also works as a drama coach. He follows Arsenal FC

Host Venue: BrewDog Clerkenwell Favourite Topic: Sport


Harry is a design student at UAL, a fairly competent bassist, and a somewhat proud representative of Essex. He's a keen Spurs and Blue Jays fan and an unapologetic advocate for the DLR.

Host Venue: Brixton Craft Beer Co. Favourite Topic: Film & Geography


Max is originally from Oxford and is a history and film trivia fanatic

Host Venue: Northcote Arms, The Porchester Favourite Topic: Film


Zoe is an actor from Aberdeen Scotland. Loves literature and sci fi and is often found watching history documentaries or star trek on netflix.

Host Venue: BrewDog DogTap Ellon Favourite Topic: Science


Guy lives in Bath and has tried his hand at everything from running a newsagent's to maths tutoring. He is currently trying to compile the first-ever list of trivia facts for every number from 1 to 10,000!

Host Venue: BrewDog Bath Favourite Topic: Politics


Eve is a student who enjoys knowing more than is necessary about internet and pop culture, and she creates pottery in her spare time.

Host Venue: BrewDog Oxford Favourite Topic: Politics & History


Charlie is a second year Psychology Undergrad student at the University of Southampton. She loves all things , Musicals, and Fun! She has been known to use her powers of psycho-analysing people to ensure everyone has a fantastic time down in Southampton!

Host Venue: BrewDog Southampton Favourite Topic: Film & TV


Host Venue: The Wildwood Favourite Topic:


Host Venue: BrewDog Camden Favourite Topic:


Host Venue: BrewDog Canary Wharf Favourite Topic:


Host Venue: BrewDog Brighton Favourite Topic:


Kendra is passionate about the arts and is a genuine music enthusiast. She moved to Cambridge from The Cayman Islands to pursue training as a Music Therapist, and enjoys singing, playing the steel drums, and catching concerts in her spare time."

Host Venue: BrewDog Cambridge Favourite Topic: Music


Host Venue: BrewDog Bristol and Bristol Harbourside Favourite Topic:


Host Venue: BrewDog Aberdeen Favourite Topic:


Dan has his roots in South Africa, where he found his passion for the performing arts and studied marketing. He now lives in London with his two cats and his studying to work as a cyber security analyst.

Host Venue: BrewDog Ealing & The Duchess Favourite Topic:


Host Venue: BrewDog Plymouth Favourite Topic:


Host Venue: The Crown, Birkdale Favourite Topic:


Host Venue: BrewDog Wandsworth, The Crown, Hackney Favourite Topic:


Engineer by Education , content creator by profession . An Artist by Passion, and an environmentalist by compassion . Rocks both ,in front and behind the camera

Host Venue: Blackberry Jack Favourite Topic:


Shiv is an aspiring actor, that is doing a lot more aspiring then acting at the moment. He likes movies, music and pretending to know the answer to more questions in a quiz then he does

Host Venue: Smugglers Tavern Favourite Topic: Films


Tigerlily is a third-year film student living in London. She has perviously hosted multiple radio shows that aired in Lancashire and -fun fact -she loves knowing what that the national day is.

Host Venue: International Students House Favourite Topic:


Patrick runs his own pub in Hackney so he's not a stranger to the quiz scene. He's got a knack for being the quizmaster and looks forward to Tueasdays at Brewdog Camden to host.

Host Venue: Brewdog Camden Favourite Topic:


Oz is a 2nd year film student who aspires to work in the film industry as a director and a cinematographer. He is also the social media manager of Compleat Quiz!

Host Venue: Brewdog Nottingham Favourite Topic: Literature and Film


Emma dubs herself a geek with a heart and a thirst for knowledge and banter to match!

Host Venue: The Blue Anchor (Southport) Favourite Topic:

Ethan James

Ethan is from Bath and graduated from Norwich University of the Arts last year studying acting, and this is his first time hosting a quiz since he was 14 years old making them up for his family at home!

Host Venue: BrewDog Bath, George & Dragon Favourite Topic:


Host Venue: The Wollaton Favourite Topic:


Micheal is a former Ibiza DJ, regular pub veteran and he's looking forward to being a part of this exciting event!

Host Venue: The Fox, Southsea Favourite Topic:


Host Venue: The Yellow Rose Favourite Topic:


Mia loves to host the quizzes and chat with the participants to make everyone have a fun time!

Host Venue: Brewdog Birmingham Favourite Topic:


Dexter is an actor musician from Chester as well play musical instruments. He enjoys juggling, rugby and "niche trivia that would be useless outside of a pub quiz."

Host Venue: Brewdog Camden Favourite Topic:


Host Venue: Favourite Topic:


Host Venue: Brewdog Canary Wharf Favourite Topic:


Host Venue: Brewdog Bristol Harbourside Favourite Topic: